Coffee & Beer

I love the morning,

but I also love the night.

I love good coffee,

and I love your smile.


I enjoy good beer,

but just a pint or two,

well, perhaps a whole litre,

If it’s okay with you.


I have no fear,

it doesn’t seem fair.

I know you’re weird,

but I want to be there.


I fancy you in the morning,

I fancy you at night,

I thought I wouldn’t wonder,

if it’s all worth the fight.


A day goes by without you,

without your crazy ways,

without your stupid laughter,

I hope it’s just a phase.


You’ve got me writing bullshit,

and reflecting on my thoughts,

I just don’t want to push it,

I know I have a shot.


But girl, believe me when I tell you,

it’s you I’m nuts about,

I know I’ll somehow get you,

sure, it’ll take more than a Stout.